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intriguing young adult novel. parallels lives of undocumented migrant farmers and a vermont farming families' lives.
2017-03-27 05:35

excellant book . I discovered this author when I saw some of the movies on PBS, then I bought some of his books,
2017-03-27 07:35

The Pianoplayers explores the intriguing idea of a creative impulse which seeks expression through multiple generations of a family. Burgess' writing is saturated with musical references and displays an absolutely dead-on understanding of what it means to be a musician - sans the romanticized fluff that could so easily be attached to such a story. He writes with a dark humor that is somewhat akin to Vonnegut's sensibility, though somewhat subtler. Pianoplayers trades heavily on gender roles and sexual mores - sometimes nearly to the point of proselytizing - but rather than detracting from the novel, this is used as a unifying theme and an interesting parallel to musical expression. A great read, and, as much as I love A Clockwork Orange, a more finely-crafted novel than some of Burgess' better known works.
2017-03-27 08:35

A typical dystopian story, somewhat cliche in modern times, but surely less so at the time it was written. It is a good summary of Ayn Rand's philosophy and the failures of collectivism. Shows the path we are unknowingly headed down.
2017-03-27 09:35